Sunday, May 1, 2011

April showers bring what?

So I don't buy the old adage, "April showers bring May flowers," As of yet, April was mostly shower free, but yet May has started with some less than perfect weather. It always seems to be like that. Having spent the first half of April in the field, where I was stuck behind a computer the whole time, the weather was just perfect. Now, when Nate is in the field and is stuck mostly in the open, the weather is pretty miserable. I am not sure how that works!

Despite the very windy and rainy weather we have been subjected to, I has been quite productive with the hubby in the field. Although I miss his company, the house has been very tidy! I have found this wonderful new running route with which I was so enamored, I ran it three times this week! It is a long climb on a running path, a few miles through the woods, and then a short bit through the old part of town back to post. All told it is about 7 miles, so it isn't too shabby of a run! I have been watching "Life in the Undergrowth," by David Attenborough and have learned quite a bit about our slimy friends without backbones (aka slugs and snails). As it is often moist on this trail, I have been able to study the things I have learned about in the series in real life. I never though invertebrates would be endearing, but they certainly are interesting creatures as a whole!

On an entirely different note, I have been following all the Royal Wedding plans and things very closely these past few months. It was exciting to finally see it all come together. Luckily, I was able to stream the wedding on my work computer from the BBC website. I am sure my NCOIC got sick of me turning the monitor towards him, or have me pulling on his sleeve say "Oooooo, look at her dress...what a terrible hat!" He certainly was a good sport though by occasionally saying , "Hmmm, yes certainly lovely." and "I agree, what a terrible hat." Thank God for tolerant NCOs that put up with the quirks of their officers! The Duchess of Cambridge was just beautiful! I loved the music they chose for the ceremony, the dress, the uniforms, everything! I got so jealous of Kate's jewelry, that I have been dropping hints via blackberry for a sapphire ring like know Nate, with our anniversary coming up.....*cough, *cough. I think he got the idea. He was talking about having jewelry conversations with his female Soldiers. As they are all fashionable girls, I hope he took their advice!

Things around here have been a bit dull (but dull is good!). We had a quiet Easter spent with our friend, Cat. We had a great night ride on the mountain bikes with him, where a small weasel type creature almost took us all out! I have been getting in some great reading as well. I just recently finished Bill Bryson's Shakespeare. It was just fantastic, as is everything Bill Bryson writes. Time for my run, so I must jet!


  1. That is SUCH a great pic of the two of you! You need to have it framed. I'm laughing picturing you and your NCO's conversation about the royal wedding. It's great how you're all about sparkles one second and slugs the next! :)

  2. A great picture indeed. But I do find Nathan's headress somewhat amusing!