Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh the field!

So as most of you all know, Nate and I just got out of the most field training exercise ever. It was 2+ weeks of my life that I want back. People in hell want ice water, so fat chance there! Anyway, Nate "suffered" about 20K from the flag at his convoy lane while I got the full brunt of the Hammer. It was great, not. Oh well. We learned some things, taught others some things, and embraced the suck. Thank God we are now home.

To try and shake off the post field blues (and two killer sinus infections) Miller and I have taken this four day training holiday to relax and get reaquainted with our wallets. Friday was an interesting shopping trip to Regensberg where we delightfully perused a bike shop the size of a Wal-Mart. We left with much lighter wallets, as well as some great new tires (30 Euros for a pair of Continental Race Kings!), some cables, and other necessary junk. Our lovely Volvo then drove us into the worlds smallest parking garage so that we could unload more cash in the pedestrian zone. There I purchased a giant mortar and pestle for my culinary delights (and made the hubby carry it), some undies in a newly found TK Maxx, not TJ Maxx (that is the international version), and fantasized about purchasing a Picasso charcoal line drawing in an absurdly expensive antique store. With our wallets a tad lighter, we ate some pastries and drove home. Saturday was not quite a day for adventures, but we enjoyed our time shopping at Obi (I picked up some lovely mums) and gardening. That evening we went to a Tapas bar with friends and ate/ drank to our hearts content. Yesterday was our first time back on the bike since before the field, and it was a punishment. We rode with some friends down some technical trails and ended the 3-hour ride with some great German food and beer. Hopefully today will be full of adventure! If you still read our boring ramblings, please comment on our posts so we know that at least a couple people care!