Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Time No Write

So it seems that the posts in this blog have a theme, namely us being to busy to write them!
As an update, things are going well, vacation was amazing and much needed, and in true fashion when we came back we went from zero to a million miles an hour in no time. Jak has started her new job and faces a shop that has not existed in a year (despite being rather vital to a BCT's existence) but is having a blast. Through an interesting series of events that are rather secret, I find myself as not only the Executive Officer and Operations Officer as normal, but also the Company Commander for anywhere from the next month to possibly the next six months. It is a rather backhanded compliment that none of my higher seems too concerned by this turn of events, but it does make life exciting. I do relish the ability to effect the changes that I think are needed, but that is a story for another day.
In more relaxing news, spring has come to Bavaria at last. After one hell of a winter, this past weekend saw us riding through the rolling hills and dales in shorts!! (Forgot to mention, we have had strep for 3 weeks, so riding was very very very slow) It helps the body and soul (despite coughs to get rid of the last items mentioned in parenthesis) and was wonderful. We wandered on routes we had not taken before, and had rides on Saturday and Sunday that make you forget that on Monday your phone will not stop ringing.
Quick aside, that is not metaphorical, at one point today while on my office phone, the other line rang, the other office phone rang and my cell phone rang. Amazing!!