Monday, May 31, 2010

We are not good at this game. . .

As implied by the title, Jak and I are really not that good at keeping this thing up to date. Things are busy as always, but life is good. Jak and I finally figured out what we are going to do over our block leave. We are going to race the Craft Bike Transalp! Even for the uninitiated this should sound impressive. About 600 kilometers with 19500 meters of vertical over 8 days. We aren't crazy, we are actually going to do this for fun, though many of our friends (and especially our NCO's) think that we are a little bit nuts.
It is also our second anniversary today, and as with the first we get to spend it apart. Jak is down in Miesau with her company and will be back later this week, while I am at home with the cats. The cats are currently resting up so that they can do battle with each other later. Frank still is trying to figure out this whole litter box thing, the number 1 is pretty much set, but number 2 is only about 50/50 on target. He is not the brightest cat. In fact, he may be the dumbest cat I have ever met, but he is sweet.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

So I am blogging at work. I know, I am a bad person wasting the government's dollars. That being said, it is such a nice day, I felt that I needed to comment on it! Miller and I have been having a great time enjoying the nice weather now that the rain has stopped (for now at least!). We had a great ride yesterday through Pottenstein with some friends. We found some great trails, and finished it off with some good beer. Despite the fact that I found my way onto the wrong side of a large ravine, while the rest of the group was on the other side, it was a truly enjoyable ride. Nate had a spectacular crash into a VERY muddy patch of ground leading up to a stream which caused the bike to stop and him to keep going. He luckily vaulted the bike and landed on his feet in the stream. We were all impressed.

On Saturday, we went shopping in Anberg for some traditional German outfits. Nate walked away from the store with lederhosen and all the accessories, while I did the same with a dirndl. Unfortunately, our wallet was about $500 lighter. Oh well, you only live in Germany once!

I know I have not blogged in a while, so I will catch you up very quickly, as I really should be working! Last weekend, the Grafenwoehr Mountain Bike Race took place only 5 minutes down the road from where we live. It was a tough course, but Nate managed to get a 3rd place, while I came in first in front of a rider who beat me last year at the Hohenfels race. I expect to be battling it out with her for the rest of the season! We have spent a good deal of time riding, and will hopefully be able to ride tonight when we get out of work. Luckily, it stays light here now until about 2100. I will go back to work now, and stop wasting the government's money!