Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a busy time of year!

Everyone speaks of the Christmas holiday season as being the busiest time of year, but I must disagree. I think of it this way: why would anyone want to train when it is cold and miserable....let's wait until summer so we can be warm and miserable! Although the weather held out this week (in a Grafenwoehr way at least), and things were not that miserable, it was still a very busy time, and will remain so with no end in sight until well into the fall. This past week, Nate ran a CS gas chamber for his company, in which he used far too much CS for entertainment factor. As entertaining as that must have been, I am very glad I was busy doing other things and could not attend. On my plate this week was a rousing few days of hand grenade ranges. Myself and fellow New Englander, SFC C, successfully detonated (with how much boom they make, I think I can safely use that word) 233 live grenades with no issues. Some of our Soldiers and leaders gave us a bit of a scare with their lack of throwing abilities, including myself (as Bean can attest, I am no all-star thrower).

With the work week safely past us, the hubby and I have spent our long weekend reading, napping (as the cats have happily joined us in), and riding our bikes. Yesterday we raced in Hohenfels where Nate took 1st place in his age group and 4th or so overall. It was a great result for him. I was able to hang on to first in my age group, but took my first loss of the season by pulling a 2nd place overall. I did not feel bad losing to this particular opponent though, as she is very talented, and Hohenfels is really her course. Our teammates did well this weekend as well. Joe managed to get second in his age group and win the coveted mini beer keg prize during the Huffy Toss (yes, it is exactly as it sounds, if you are unsure of what it entails, ask Alli). Even after starting late, rob still managed to catch most of the pack! Even after a bent rotor (on Joe's bike), a fully non-functioning bottom bracket (on my bike), and a fallen off crank arm (on Nate's bike) we still all managed to finish the mudfest that was the race. Although it was painful, a bad day on the bike is better than most good days off it!

Thanks everyone for reading our boring little blog. It is time for us to take out the 'cross bikes for a ride, so I must be going! Happy Father's Day to everyone as well! PS: The photos are of Frank being bad (but very cute!) and Nate tossing the Huffy, and truly displaying why I should be glad that he wasn't at my grenade range!