Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back in Afghanistan

So I realize that when I last wrote, we were just getting to Afghanistan and settling into our jobs. That was about 6 months ago, and having just found the paper I wrote the blogging email address on (blogspot is blocked on government computers) and having just returned from leave, it seemed like a decent time to write some.  No guarantees on how often I will actually write, as chances are I am the only one who will read this, but it never hurts.  Leave was fantastic but far too short, but we have a light at the end of the tunnel now with the possibility of being home for our birthdays.  Here is hoping!
One story that must be shared with our loyal readers is our adventure of leaving the Lincoln house.  As background, we brought the cats up with us so that they could have some time with their Mom and Dad, and you may remember that there are few things Tom hates more in this world than the car.  All was well after the initial trauma (I think he significantly over reacts) and we had some seriously good times with them.  When the time came to leave, we wanted to play it sneaky and not bring in the cat carriers (actually medium dog carriers, our boys are big) until the last minute to keep the boys from knowing what was happening.  It worked fine for Frank, but Tom is smarter than your average bear.  As soon as we woke up, he new that something was afoot and disappeared to his happy safe place, on top of the kitchen cabinets.  The top of our cabinets houses our beer growler collection as well as some christmas lights to keep things festive, but he still has his corner of safety and disappeared up there at about 0730.  Come 1100, it was time to leave, everything was in the car except for the two cats.  Frank was easy, but Tom was having no such thing.  As the manly man that I am, it was my assignment to climb up and retrieve 21 pounds of pissed off kitty whilst Jak held the carrier at the ready but out of sight.  Tom was having none of this, and was not going to be the least bit helpful.  There is not much clearance between the cabinets and the ceiling, especially when 21 pounds of fat and fur is crammed in trying to avoid what he knows will be a great car ride.  I was having none of this, and managed to get a grip on him and began to slide him out.  That is where things began to get interesting, as he fought desperately to get a purchase and get himself back into the corner.  I am stronger than him, but he is craftier and managed to wrap his legs in christmas lights to keep from coming easily.  As I held squirming cat with one hand (not an easy feat) I had to unwrap him, before finally managing to detangle him and drop him into the waiting carrier.  As I stood tall on the counter in victory, I  said to Jak "wow, it smells like cat pee" to which my laughing bride said "yes you do, he peed on you."  As always our furry offspring had the last laugh, sprinkling my rain jacket with the pent up urine from a mornings fruitless hiding on top of the cabinets.  Oh well, it was an adventure.