Thursday, April 14, 2011


So we are lucky. As my time in Germany (at least for the next year or so) comes to a close, I have realized just how lucky we are. In general, we are lucky people. Nate and I have a great relationship, wonderful family and friends, two great cats, and steady jobs. Although our jobs may not be our dream jobs, and our house may be former Nazi officer quarters, we get paid twice a month, and have a roof over our heads (even if that roof may have covered the heads of war criminals). We are also lucky, as the place we live is a place that we can exercise the love of our favorite sports. We ski and hike in the Alps, and ride just about every where.

I realize how blind I have been to take this all for granted. Nate and I have ridden the same roads that the legends that won Milan- San Remo have ridden. We rode over the names of Marco Pantani, Ivan Basso, and Miguel Indurain painted on the ground of the pass on the Mortirolo. We have seen two awesome Cyclocross World Championships, and raced with those same pros we watch cross the line on the world cups. We have ridden and raced in all the great cycling nations of Europe. We have torn up some of the greatest trails in the world. As my time here come to an end for a while, I realize just how much I am going to miss this.

Now be assured, I am taking a bike with me down range. Thanks to a great husband/ mechanic, I have a new Kona Jake the Snake waiting for some Afghan adventures, albeit ones that are contained within an area limited by concertina wire and fences. As the count down begins, I am trying to slow time down and appreciate what I have been blessed with. Well, must go do some errands for work for now, but rest assured, to get maximum time on the bike, I am taking my pink fixie to do them!

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  1. Great post!!
    Glad you're back in town for the meantime, anyway! Hope we can all get together soon- we missed Da Pepinos 'cause that was the day Ted had those ribs on the grill! Glad you like my that the weather is nicer and I do more than sit in the house, I can find "stuff" to write about! ;)