Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

Okay, hopefully you know the song, otherwise the title is rather lost on you. I do have to admit that I rarely if ever read other people's blog titles, so I think we will live. Changes, this last 3 weeks have been about them. Having said that I now sound like a total toolbag who is going to make some deeply philosophical comment on the ways of the world, so here goes. In the past 3 weeks the following has happened (note, this is allowing for some relativistic shenanigans as I will be writing this as if it happened tomorrow after about 2300):
-Jak turned 25
-Nate joined Jak's unit
-Jak and Nate made Captain
-Jak deployed
-Nate turned 25
-Nate deployed

It is good to have change, but we will miss a lot. We have made family here in Graf, and many are leaving or will be gone to the states or their own deployments when we return. We are no longer the wet behind the ears butter bars we came here as, but instead people who have gained at least some understanding of their own potential and the very scary responsibilities that come with rank and potential. I really cannot look too far back at 25, but 3 years ago we were teaching cadets at Ft Knox, living out of cars and had no real clue what the army would hold for us. Today we have done the following between the two of us (not fully inclusive, just what comes to mind):
-Led 5 different platoons
-Been responsible for more than 400 soldiers
-Helped deploy 2 Companies
-Visited the birth of 9 of our Soldiers' children
-Watched the death of 2 of our Soldiers' child
-Been to the field more than 8 months
-Been in 5 different companies
-Lived in 4 states and 2 countries
-Bought a house
-Paid off our first new car
-Had 3 wonderful cats, one of whom is no longer with us
-Served under 5 different Company Commanders
-Served with 6 different First Sergeants
-Separated more than 12 Soldiers from service
-Re-enlisted more than 20 Soldiers
-Acted as Company Commander for 7 Months
-Been tested in more than 15 Urinalysis (that is mostly Jak, I am more lucky)
-Visited 6 countries
-Seen the World Championships of Cyclocross Twice (Stybar won both times)
-Raced bikes in 5 different countries
-Almost died in 1 country (that was all me!)

I am sure that the list goes on and on, but it really means we have been insanely lucky. This Army thing is tough at times, especially for our Family here and in the States, but I don't think I would have it any other way. Love to you all.


  1. That is quite an adventure! We are so proud of both of you!

  2. I still read! :) Take care, be safe over there- and say hi to Jak for me!